Eagle Lake - 6990' - July 1, 2015
Nelson Lake - 9605' - August 18, 2016
 I live in the shadow of Sutro Tower, seeing it daily, often when travelling home. In this way it has become a literal symbol of home for me. My Sutro series uses the tower as a visual metaphor to explore the theme of home. Always constant, but also perpetually changing, the Tower is in every image, a continual presence, but no two images are alike. The changes are many. Cyclical changes, like time of day and year, dynamic changes, like weather and point of view, as well as subtle slow moving changes, like the fading of paint, the growth of the trees at its base, and the addition and subtraction over time of various antenna. This constancy in the midst of variations big and small mirrors the experience of home. A place by definition with some form of steadiness, but a place that none the less is different in some way every day, every hour and every year. Different as we develop and grow as individuals, as our relationships evolve over time and as the world around us changes. The Tower like Home becomes a touchstone of stability amidst a sea of perpetual change.